How Physiotherapy Can help Joint Pain

By December 18, 2020Blog, Physiotherapy
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According to a recent study, an estimated 54.4 million American adults have been diagnosed with arthritis. This equates to one in every 4 Americans. Of this number, 27% have reported experiencing severe joint pain. If you are among this number, physiotherapy might just be the treatment you need.

Physiotherapy has been an important part of treatment for persons with arthritis. It is administered by a physiotherapist to help maintain or resume an active as well as independent life. Physiotherapists assess movement and teach you how to protect the joints. The physiotherapist will do the following:

  • Provide advice and reassurance
  • Address uncertainties and concerns
  • Give you confidence when it comes to the management of your condition
  • Set realistic goals to help you remain active

Simply put, specialist physiotherapists have been trained to diagnose and treat muscle and joint problems. It is common for a GP to refer you to a physiotherapist rather than to orthopedic surgeons or rheumatologists. If you are searching for a great physiotherapy clinic near Ajax or Pickering, The Center for Physical Health is your best bet. We are here for you.

Types of Arthritis

The most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis. It occurs when the cushioning surface on bones wears away and the bones start rubbing against each other. This often leads to lost joint strength as well as chronic pain.

Inflammatory arthritis causes the immune system to go awry. Joints are attacked with inflammation. This leads to the erosion of joints as well as joint pain.

The third type of arthritis is infectious arthritis. This is caused by a bacteria or virus that gets to the joint. While antibiotics can help treat the infection, arthritis can be chronic.

Metabolic arthritis is caused by excess uric acid in the body. When uric acid builds up, it may cause chronic joint pain.

Physiotherapy for Arthritis

As aforementioned, one of the best treatments for arthritis is physiotherapy. The treatment focuses on improving mobility for persons with arthritis. It also works by restoring the use of the affected joints, improves muscle strength, and reduces pain. Your therapist will create a tailored treatment plan that improves coordination, flexibility as well as strength.

Exercise and manual therapy are used by physiotherapists in the treatment of arthritis. Weight-bearing and strengthening exercises are used to improve joint lubrication. Over time, the pain is reduced. Manual therapy techniques are also used to treat the symptoms.

Joint mobilization involves moving joints through working with natural level resistance. The technique strengthens the tissues around the bone, improves range of motion as well as alleviates pain. Ultrasound, cryotherapy, heat, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation are passive modalities that physiotherapists use to treat arthritis.

Physiotherapy Versus Surgery

A Harvard Health Publishing stated that trying physiotherapy before surgery is a better choice. There is evidence that supports the idea that physiotherapy can spare you the pain, expense, and recovery time of surgery. Recent studies have shown that physiotherapy is as effective in restoring function and relieving pain for persons with arthritis as surgery. Physiotherapy is non-invasive and can help toss out some of your pain meds. Physiotherapy helps you live an active and pain-free life. CP Health is a sports medicine clinic, offering physiotherapy in Ajax and Pickering. To book an appointment CALL NOW at ? (905) 239-5001

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