Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription?

No. You do not require a prescription or referral for treatment of services, however some insurance plans require one for reimbursement. At CP Health, we will contact your provider to determine what level of coverage is available to you under your plan.

Do I pay upfront?

If your insurance provider allows for direct billing in the full amount, then payment will be sent directly to us. For plans that do not offer this service, you will have to pay for your treatment after your appointment.

Are all the practitioners registered in the province of Ontario?

Yes, all of our practitioners are registered in Ontario with their respective colleges and/or associations. Please refer to our Meet the Team page for further details.

Why choose CPHealth?

The benefits of coming to CP Health are simple. From the moment you walk in, you will know you’re in the right place. From our warm and friendly reception staff, to our experienced practitioners, you will soon discover that helping our patients reach their health goals is our top priority. We offer a wide range of services and are linked to supportive medical care, including family physicians and medical imaging. Our state of the art clinic is housed in the One Health Medical Centre, conveniently located close to both the 401 and 407.

Where are you located?

300 Rossland Road East, Suite 308 (3rd floor), Ajax, Ontario L1Z 0M1 (Northeast corner of Rossland and Salem)

What are your hours of operations?

Monday – Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 1pm

What services do you offer?

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropody, Pedorthic Services, Custom Orthotics, Custom Bracing, Compression Hosiery, Shockwave and Laser Therapy.

What makes CP Health unique?

At CP Health, we strive for excellence in patient experience. Our evidence based approach and use of modern technologies enhances our goal to improve clinical outcomes. Here are some of the modalities we use:

Laser Therapy

Our 3B Laser is effective in treating a variety of symptoms associated with common injuries including pain and inflammation.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy accelerates the healing process in the body by stimulating cellular metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. An excellent treatment method for a variety of ailments such as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and calcaneal heel spurs. In many instances, shockwave therapy is most effective in cases where the body has not been able to heal itself.

Electro Medical Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture techniques with the infusion of electrotherapy can enhance the effectiveness of your overall treatment. Often used to improve muscle firing, reduce muscle spasming and decrease chronic pain.

Full 3D iPad Foot Scanner

No stepping in a box here! We use a comprehensive full dimensional 3D scanner designed to capture the foot to create the best possible orthotic.


A complimentary diagnostic tool which captures the pressure points of the foot and balance of the body to better aid in diagnosing foot ailments.

Digital video gait analysis

The foot is the foundation of the body. Thus, how you stand and walk dictates your overall posture and alignment. We take the time to record you walking, slow down the video and breakdown your bio-mechanical and gait analysis with you.

Full Chirpody services (using advanced diagnostic and palliative foot care tools and technologies)

Everything from motorized drills to advanced surgical equipment. All the tools and toys a good Chiropodist requires for palliative and diabetic footcare.