Massage for Neck Pain

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Neck pain is usually a devastating problem that affects many people. The pain can be caused by something as small as muscle tension due to poor posture or something worse like an impending heart attack or meningitis. For most people, a physiotherapy treatment plan helps them eliminate the pain. However, before you start taking over-the-counter medication to reduce the pain, it is always good to understand the primary cause of the pain. It is only by doing this that you will be able to build a physiotherapy intervention to address and correct the causes.

Epidemiology of Neck Pain

Understanding a few facts about neck pain and who can get it can at times put you at ease. Here are a few riveting studies.

  • 10 to 20 percent of people experience neck pain each year
  • Office workers have a high incidence of experiencing neck pain
  • Urban dwellers experience more neck pain than the people living in rural areas
  • Women are a lot more likely to experience neck pain than men
  • The majority of neck pain is recurrent. When left untreated, it will come and go throughout a person’s life
  • Wealthier countries record higher incidences of neck pain
  • Persons aged 35 to 49 are more likely to suffer from neck pain after which the incidences reduce

Physiotherapy Assessment of Neck Pains

A thorough assessment can help uncover the factors that cause neck pain and test the factors that can be changed in order to reduce the problem. Common factors that contribute to neck pains include:

  • Poor posture. This includes sleeping, sitting, and standing
  • Inactive lifestyle or work environment
  • A history of neck trauma
  • Weak neck stabilizing musculature
  • Poor ergonomic setup especially of a computer station
  • Family history of neck pain
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Hypersensitivity of the central nervous system
  • Thoracic spine stiffness
  • Poor shoulder blade control, strength or position
  • Joint stiffness

Once the key factors that lead to neck pain are understood, a complete examination which includes tests of neurological and muscular systems is done. A physical examination of joints will also be done. Our physiotherapist will further screen for serious medical pathology as well as refer you to the most appropriate physician where necessary. It is only after integrating this information that we can issue a successful physiotherapy treatment plan.

Neck Pain Treatment Using Physiotherapy

Because each patient is unique, the treatment plan recommended is unique. Research shows that the combination of manual therapy and exercise yields better results. It is vital that a physiotherapist applies the right type of manual therapy and aims for the joints and tissues that require it. Expertly prescribed exercise programs that support manual therapy and address specific areas of weakness will lead to lasting results.

Seeing a physiotherapist will help understand the cause of your neck pain and which tools to use to see positive change. If you need a reliable physiotherapy clinic near Ajax or Pickering the Center for Physical Health is the best choice. Our team is happy to combine a range of treatment options to give the best results as well as answer any questions you may have. CP Health is a sports medicine clinic, offering physiotherapy in Ajax and Pickering. To book an appointment CALL NOW at ? (905) 239-5001

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