custom made orthotics

The Centre for Physical Health specializes in utilizing state of the art technology to help obtain an accurate portrait of the patient’s pathology and customizing a solution suitable for each individual patient.

custom made orthotics

Digital Video Gait Analysis (DVGA) enables us to study any abnormal movements of both muscles & joints as the body moves. The dynamic video capture is replayed in slow motion to analyze gait patterns.


  • Displays pressure profiles of normal, flat & high arch feet for comparison
  • Displays 2D & 3D pressure profiles
  • Records foot type and regions with high pressure
  • Shows percentage of weight distribution when standing
    • Left foot vs. Right footHome
    • Forefoot vs. Rearfoot
  • Shows foot measurement
  • Displays center of foot progression in motion
  • Measures foot pressure distribution in motion and in stationary positions
custom made orthotics

Casting Technique for Custom Made Orthotics: Full 3D Laser casting system

  • 3D Laser casting system is the most advanced technology in the production of foot orthotics. It utilized hand held 3D digital technology. Born out of collaboration between Universities and software developers, this technology is based on 40 years of experience and co-operation with medical practitioners and other professionals in the health care sector. Without a doubt, the resulting orthotics are the best in the market.
  • STS (Synthetic Tubular Socks), Plaster Casting & Bio-foam casting methods are available upon request or if required.

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